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Fireman’s Forum: Beauty and Brawn

January 31, 2018

It’s like a classic fairytale, the gorgeous young beautician meets the brawny fireman, they get married and live happily ever after. Well, that’s sort of how our story goes, only she was an esthetician who left the salon world to pursue motherhood and a startup insurance company, and he was a geeky insurance agent who rubbed a genie’s lamp and made his lifelong dream of being a fireman come true.

The Love Story

I’m Kyle Borg and my wife Rachel and I have a heart for helping people. There are any number of ways we accomplish this daily. Every 3rd day, I’m doing it on a fire truck, pursuing my childhood dream of being a firefighter. When I’m off shift, I’m helping people protect their most precious assets by ensuring they are properly insured and that their budget can handle it. Together we volunteer our time at our church, with special needs kids, and helping firefighter charities raise funds in support of the disadvantaged youth in our area. We were both overweight kids and for almost 20 years we have remained accountability and workout partners. 5 days a week we hit the local gym together to stay fit, while our daughters do the same with Olympic weightlifting. This has given us a passion and insight into the fitness club industry, and a drive to support those in health and beauty businesses.

Can We Help You?

Who has the best gym insurance in Arizona? It’s a fair question, together we can sit down and go through several quotes from our various fitness liability providers, work comp carriers, and get to know your insurance needs. Who has the best insurance coverage for a hair salon? We can help you answer that question as well. Arrowhead Insurance LLC of Arizona is a locally owned Independent Agency in Phoenix specializing in gym insurance and salon insurance. Our focus is painless quoting, 24/7 policy servicing, and getting to know your individual business needs. If you’re a gym or salon owner in need of insurance, email, or call us today!