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Rachel Borg is a health and life insurance agent who has been with the agency since inception. She has a background in the salon industry and knows what it means to work hard to start a successful independent salon business. She brings that passion to work when she is advising her clients, knowing that many working mothers need to save every penny they can while still providing exception health insurance benefits to her family. Rachel would love to sit down and discuss any concerns you have, we can truly simplify the health benefits and make them easy to understand. Rachel is passionate about insuring people with proper cancer coverage, it is an affordable benefit that allows you to spend the money how ever you see fit. Many firefighter families are coming to her for peace of mind that if their career exposes them to the unspeakable C-word, they will have an influx of cash to help them through the process. If you would like a custom tailored needs analysis, reach out today!

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